Public Issues Forum: Philosophy, Education, and Life – 4.9.2011


Higher ((Integral Literacy)) for renovated ((Liberal Arts)):  when we mature into a dilated and more inclusive global rational space, and gain critical distance from immersion within more localized worldviews and forms of life, certain astounding findings come into relief.  In this potent global space across and between diverse worldviews, cultures, traditions, perspectives,... Read More

Global Philosophy Forum: Making Sense of Our Great Evolutionary Shift

Making Sense of Our Great Evolutionary Shift

The Global Dialogue Institute Presents the Global Philosophy Annual Forum. Featuring keynote presentations by: Ashok Gangadean, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Haverford College; Founder and Director of The Global Dialogue Institute; Chair/Coordinator of the 2009 Global Philosophy Forum: Awakening the Global Mind: Our Evolutionary MindShift Gilah Yelin Hirsch, Professor of Art,... Read More