Inaugurating our ((Sanctuary for Deep Dialogue Life))


In April 2013 Dr. Nedra Fetterman and I inaugurated our ((Deep Dialogue Sanctuary)) and in this opening presentation on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at Haverford College. I focus on the urgent need to evolve our personal, inter-personal and cultural lives beyond the dominant patterns of “monologue” into the awakened Literacy and competence of Deep Dialogue intelligence... Read More

((The Power of Awakening Consciousness in Healing the Whole Person))


This is the opening keynote for our Annual ((Global Philosophy Forum)) at Haverford College on November 9th 2013. The focal theme: “Making Sense of our R-Evolutionary Shift to Integrative Healing” and featuring our two distinguished guests- Dr. Nedra Fetterman (“The Primacy of the Heart”) and Dr. Jeffrey Schmitt (“Healing from the Heart: An Experiential... Read More

Ashok: ((The Power of Deep Dialogue: Medicine for Human Dysfunctions))

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Our ((Global Dialogue Institute)) convened a high level Dialogue Event at “La Casa” Retreat Center in California in 1999 and brought together a range of accomplished change agents seeking to address diverse crises facing humanity today. In this opening session I seek to sound the ((keynote)) of the ((Power of Deep Dialogue)) as potent medicine for getting to the heart... Read More

Ashok with Nedra Fetterman on The Art of Being Human

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In this Keynote presented to the IRI Conference in Washington, DC (October 2014) Ashok and Dr. Nedra Fetterman join their two art forms in Deep Dialogue and Imago Dialogue to dilate creative space to appreciate that Humans are ((Dialogue Beings)) and deepen the Art of Being Human in the 21st Century. This high profile Conference brings together seasoned veterans in Psychotherapy... Read More

Awakening the New Consciousness: Earth Enlightenment


In this global investigation across millennia it was evident that although the great philosophical and religious cultures attempted to name this primal origin in their provincial languages, the evolution of cultures had not advanced to the horizon in which a global name, a global grammar, and a global technology of mind had matured enough to encounter this primal reality. We use... Read More

Man's Search for Freedom is Coming to an End


Another great finding is that we humans have a choice in how we mind. Diverse spiritual teachings – especially in their moral force – show the creative alternative to egocentric patterns of minding.  The collective wisdom of humanity recognizes that objective reality is an integral unified field of dynamic inter–connectivity which is also the common ground and generative... Read More

Meditations on Global Philosophy


This global perspective across and between worlds reveals that there has been a deep drive in the human condition to encounter and express the missing primal source or ground of all life and experience. But this pervasive struggle to reach the primal origin was typically inhibited and blocked by restrictive patterns of thought and by the localized perspectives, narratives, worldviews... Read More