Global Philosophy Forum: Making Sense of Our Great Evolutionary Shift

The Global Dialogue Institute Presents the Global Philosophy Annual Forum.

Featuring keynote presentations by:

Ashok Gangadean, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Haverford College; Founder and Director of The Global Dialogue Institute; Chair/Coordinator of the 2009 Global Philosophy Forum: Awakening the Global Mind: Our Evolutionary MindShift

Gilah Yelin Hirsch, Professor of Art, California State University; painter, writer, photographer, videographer: READING THE LANDSCAPE:  SUMMONING THE UNIFIED FIELD. An Investigation into the Relation between Origin of Alphabet, Pattern in Nature and the Neurology of Perception.

Nassim Haramein, Theoretical scientist and Director of The Resonance Project: Weaving Together the Sciences of Advanced Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Cosmology, as well as the Wisdom of the Ancients CROSSING THE EVENT HORIZON:  RISE TO THE EQUATION –FROM         CONSCIOUSNESS TO PHYSICS.

THIS EVENT IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION IS ENCOURAGED. Each presentation will be about 60 minutes, followed by a brief discussion. After all presentations are complete, panelists will engage in an extended dialogue that will open up to involve the audience.

SUPPORTED BY THE GDI ASSOCIATES & Distinguished Visitors Program of Haverford College

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