Key Documents

This key document presents the philosophical foundations of Deep Dialogue.

((Theoretical Principles and Foundation of Deep Dialogue))

When we step back from being centered within and privileging our customary worldviews and localized cultural lens and dilate our ((rational intelligence)) into the more expansive and inclusive Global Space which is the Foundational Source of all our diverse worldviews astounding new insights come into view as never before. For when we dilate our minds into this Global Light we make a dimensional shift into the ever present Generative Source of all worldviews, all scriptures, all narratives, all disciplines…all forms of life. Whether the evolutionary insights of Buddha’s great world changing enlightenment, or the innovative teachings of Lord Krishna as performed in the Gita, or still again, the world shifting teachings of Jesus in building on the breakthroughs of Abraham and Moses, or the foundational breakthroughs of Socrates and Plato in opening evolutionary crossings into the Space of Logos, the Light of Reason, as they initiate the blueprint for European cultures…to mention a select few…all these co-arise from the same Primal Source of Reality. Our Infinite Source is and must be the Source of all there is, and the missing First Science and its long emerging Source Code takes us to the depth and origin of Deep Dialogue. These Theoretical Principles of Deep Dialogue tap the missing Source Code of all worldviews and disciplines and reveal that Primal Reality is profoundly inter-connected in a deep-dialogue flow.

((Prologue to Deep-Dialogue/Critical-Thinking))
This key document is a ((Prologue to Deep Dialogue)). It gives an overview of our diverse selected documents.