Ashok: Our Evolutionary Shift from Monologue to Dialogue: Vistar Event

This is an in-depth conversation with Ron and Victoria Friedman (Vistar Foundation TeleSeminar). We explore together the power of Deep Dialogue as urgent medicine for wide-ranging human dysfunctions at the personal, inter-personal and cultural levels. Ashok shows in the light of Global Wisdom through the ages that our human condition remains lodged in chronically entrenched patterns of /monologue/ which is the generative source of humans pathologies. We see in this light that the most urgent activism is our evolutionary shift from /monologue/ to ((Deep Dialogue)) which comes as we gain mindful access to the ((Source Code)) that funds our lives, world views, cultures and daily experience. Deep Dialogue embodies this ((Logos Code)) and centering into a Life of ((Presence)) is our path of maturation as whole Persons. The audience joins in the conversation.

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