Inaugurating our ((Sanctuary for Deep Dialogue Life))

In April 2013 Dr. Nedra Fetterman and I inaugurated our ((Deep Dialogue Sanctuary)) and in this opening presentation on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at Haverford College. I focus on the urgent need to evolve our personal, inter-personal and cultural lives beyond the dominant patterns of “monologue” into the awakened Literacy and competence of Deep Dialogue intelligence for our daily lives.

In this presentation I show that the collective wisdom of our great spiritual and enlightenment teachings across the planet and through the ages are in consensus that our maturation as humans turns on our evolving from cultures of monologue to life in Deep Dialogue flow. Our great wisdom scripts teach us that our human family has been lodged in chronically entrenched patterns of “egomental” or “monocentric” mental and cultural practices that produce wide-ranging human pathologies and cultural dysfunctions. Our planetary wisdom for millennia has been urging us to evolve beyond this “adolescent” stage of human life to more mature and healthful integral, holistic and dialogic patterns of life. We mature a whole humans when we come into deeper contact with the Primal Field of Reality which is in Deep Dialogue flow and interconnectivity. This shift to the Literacy of Deep Dialogue lifts us into co-creative flow with the pulse of Reality. Thus, this Literacy of Deep Dialogue is urgent and powerful medicine for Human Flourishing and sustainable cultures.

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